About Us

Out of Frustration (OoF) was formed after we reached a level of frustration where we became intolerant while working in the mainstream Delhi-based media. We believe the best way to vent out frustration is by producing arguments and put them across in the strongest and most rational manner. These days there has been an exponential increase in news updates. Also, most of us are equipped to upload any frivolous aggregation on social media. However, we feel that it is the most important task for a Journalist to inquire beyond what is being heard or seen in an uploaded content. When readers go through news on internet, they assume the stories to be true and take the authenticity of the claims for granted. However, reality in most of the cases is that the writer himself/herself doesn’t have any idea of what he/she writes. As students of Journalism, we have learnt that there are only two things that make a news organisation a notch higher than others. First, credibility and second, a unique identity. Unfortunately, both these unavoidable principles have been compromised time and again. OoF aims at producing arguments on various issues. Issues, which have been widely yet vaguely addressed or completely ignored by the media. We stand for facts and arguments rather than the voices and faces behind them. We remain independent and unbiased as we have NO ONE TO PLEASE
Mail us: mail2oof@gmail.com