Mob lynching | 200 people in the train yet no one stepped up to help because we are Muslims says Junaid Khan’s mother

Junaid Khan, a 16-year-old boy was lynched to death by an angry mob while he was on his way back home after Eid shopping in a Delhi-Mathura bound passenger train.

His mother tries to explain the inconsolable misery and blames the government and the Police for trying to defend the offender.

Junaid was accompanied by his elder brothers Shakir and Hashim who had to face the wrath as well. Shakir was stabbed at least seven times.


Junaid, my son, was fasting throughout the month of Ramazan. On last Wednesday.

Like there is a meeting, we get together for prayers. Everyone comes together and prays. Mufti Sahab came and he made us pray. After praying and having little chit chat we returned.

After returning home, both of us, mother and son, were just talking while I was lying on the bed.

He asked me for some money without looking towards me. Meanwhile, my other son came and sat on the other bed. They wanted to go shopping.

I gave Rs 1,500 to both the brothers. Then I slept and woke up around 2:30. I immediately started preparing for food. By then, both my son, also the third brother came and we had food. Now it was time for Azaan. They left for Namaz and I did little household work and was resting. Right after the prayers they left for Delhi. Like I told you, I had already given the money to them in the evening so they left for shopping.

He(Junaid) had been fasting for 16 hours now. For those 16 hours, he didn’t even have tea, cigarette or beedi. He anyway was not a smoker at all. But, like water, tea, biscuits or fruits etc he hadn’t had anything. He had his last meal only at around 2:30 am and we fast till 7:00 pm.

I have been told that there was a fight over a seat. One man boarded the train and asked for a seat. My son (Junaid) immediately offered his seat to the other man. It was simply showing respect towards elders. Soon after that, some more people boarded the train and there was a small scuffle between

them and my son. They attacked him and said, “Katalla, you don’t understand. You hustle around. Falling on us. Will do this…that” that is how they were talking.

He (Junaid) was a kid. He might have said something. I can’t be sure as I was not present there. But, this is what they have been telling me.

Then, in the evening when I prepared the dinner, spread the mat and kept water while waiting for the children to return the bell for Azaan rang and I had very little water to end my fast. Since then I was having headache. It felt that my head was moving like water.

I even told her (pointing out at another woman) today I am very upset. My legs are aching and I am not feeling well.

Then, after having water I started reading the Namaz. After that, I felt as if I had heard him (Junaid) calling his father on mobile phone and there were sounds of clashes. I went there and asked what had happened.

My heart was jolting. He said, “there has been a fight in train. Kids had a fight in train and one of them has been stabbed.”

I couldn’t move when I heard that. My body started shivering. He left and I kept standing. No one was there with me. I couldn’t understand where I should go or what I should do. After all, I am just a woman. My body and heart just kept shivering. Then, women from the neighborhood came and said that nothing was serious so I shouldn’t worry. There were only little injuries. He will be fine. But, there was this rumor in the entire village that both of my children had passed away. That Shakir and Junaid, both had died. But, no one told me for a very long time. 12 hours during the day and 6 hours in the evening. They didn’t tell me for around 18 hours. All women, all men, all children. They would just come and ask me not to worry much.

Junaid, my son, had already died on the spot. My other son was stabbed when he was trying to drag Junaid’s body out of the train.

Now tell me, I am a mother, what would have gone through my heart when I heard about it. After that Shakir, my son, was left almost lifeless. They jumped assuming that there was nothing left in the body. There were around 200 people inside the train, no one saved my children. Nobody.

Only because we Are Muslims. They keep beard. They wear skull caps. They eat meat.

Accepted that we eat meat, but at that time my son had not eaten anything for 16 hours. They why did you make my son a victim of your brutality?

One of my son my killed, the other son is left almost lifeless.

The third son is very seriously injured. My son Hasim folded his hands and said that we are three sons of the same mother, you have already injured two of my brothers please spare me.

I saw my son’s dead body after 18 hours once he was bathed, cleaned and brought in front of me in a coffin.

Imagine a mother’s heart who once saw her son having food from her hands and now she is seeing his dead body.

All I want to say is that the culprit should be subjected to strict punishment. Nobody from the government has come up to me yet. It is only people like you who are coming, whether it be due to your own efforts or in the interest of your profession but nobody from the BJP has come up.

The person who is half bald, the cops have him, my son along with another man who was present there have been saying again and again that he is the one who has stabbed but the police is trying to protect him.

How is it possible that everyone else is being caught except the main offender. The Police is trying to defend him and suppress the matter.

I have another son who has gone to Delhi now. He (the one in the frame) knows nothing. He was with us when the incident took place. Actually he was not even here at home, he was some-place else. It is only when people from the locality informed him that his brother had expired and asked him to return, did he come to know about it and come back. These are the only conversations we had. We never met how would we talk. I just gave him 1500 rupees, he said I am going to Delhi, that is all.

Now say the son of a rich family was murdered, what would happen. Or what if someone from BJP was murdered what would have happened.

All I want to say is that whether he/she is a Muslim or not nobody should ever face this problem ever again. Say for example it’s you or me, we have the same hands, prick a knife and there is going to be the exact same blood that will spurt out, we have the same flesh and nails, similar faces and the exact same body, just the religions are different otherwise we are exactly the same.

Say having meat is illegal but what about the one that is exported? Who eats that? Liquor stores are licensed by the government isn’t it? Why is a commodity as bad as alcohol not banned? The rich consume alcohol, eat meat and then under its influence fight among themselves, find themselves in drains, trouble the daughters and sisters of others. Then why is this not banned? If meat is illegal then why do you export it? The shoes that are made are made of what? The belt that you use is made of what? Right from the camera’s cover to belts of wrist watches all has animal skin. They keep saying that we have meat. Someone who has not had even water for 16 hours, they are saying he has meat.

They did that in a moving train, during the month of Ramazan what could he have done to protect himself.

I am so God fearing that even if we are alone we never eat anything.

People are coming and saying that they will help us, my son was so fit and healthy at the age of 15-16 that it seemed like he had 4 lungs.

The way my son was brutally murdered, those culprits have not yet been punished, it is obvious that the Government is hiding facts. They will keep doing this.

I have 7 sons and 1 daughter.

His father earns by driving a taxi, Eco. How much do you think an Eco earns. I know how I make ends meet by adding every penny, I buy clothes for them. I wear anything but I make sure their needs are fulfilled hoping that they will grow up to be successful and my dreams will come true and then his young son is murdered what do you a mother feels. And the people say that we do this and we do that.

Nobody has come up from BJP till now. My husband is a heart patient. Our heart starts shaking out of fear. I have burns in my chest and my stomach is bruised after my child passed away. Look at my tongue (shows tongue) it is dry as a thorn. My body has burns. When a mother hears something as drastic about her son as this, the mother whose son used to tell her that he will not do small odd jobs, he shall be a priest of a big mosque, imagine how happy a mother’s heart feels to hear these and know that her son has such lofty ambitions. In the next instance she is seeing her son’s dead body, tell me how can she live. It is only for him (Shakir) I have toughend myself so that he doesn’t hear me crying.

He has two children, a son and a daughter. He is 24 years old, has a 1 year old daughter and three year old son. How will he earn and feed them now. He has lost a lung. Junaid’s eyes were removed, his heart, his ankles were removed, will the government ever be able to repay me the price of my son?