Junaid’s And Najeeb’s Parents, Who ‘Lost’ Their Kids, Demand Justice In Different Ways

Junaid Khan, a 15-year-old boy was brutally beaten and stabbed to death in a train near Faridabad while he was returning home after shopping along with his siblings and friends. Shakir, Junaid’s elder brother was also stabbed at least 17 times but luckily for him and not so much for his attackers he survived. Shakir is married and has two little kids.
The Police arrested 4 out of the 5 accused in the case. However, the family says that the main accused who had stabbed Junaid hasn’t been caught yet. Although, Junaid’s mother thinks that the cops are trying to protect the murderer and he is one of the arrested.
Saying that ‘the incident shook the nation’, would be an exaggeration. But it did affect some people. Protests were organized in different parts of India and some cities outside India. After all, this incident of mob lynching wasn’t the first incident nor was it the last.
On July 2, Junaid’s father Jalaluddin was also invited to join the protest at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar.
Last year, on 17 October a case of kidnapping was registered, two days after Najeeb Ahmed, a 27-year-old student from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) was reported missing. The night before Najeeb went missing, he had a fight with a group of JNU students who were reportedly ABVP affiliated.
One keeps hearing about the case in news every now and then, but not even a single arrest has been made in the case. No one knows where Najeeb Ahmed is.
Many in the journalistic circle seem to have assumed that he is dead and will never be found. There were protests even when Najeeb went missing and his family joined the protests too.
How Jalaluddin, Junaid’s father and Fatima Nafeez, Najeeb’s Mother Think Differently
The first encounter with Najeeb’s family for almost all reporters was inside the JNU campus when a protest was organized by the university students. Ever since, Najeeb’s mother and his sister Sadaf Musharraf have joined many protests demanding proper investigation in the case.
On July 2, 2017 during a protest gathering against politics of hate, at Jantar Mantar, Jalaluddin and Sadaf were also presents. 
On one hand,  Jalaluddin chose not to utter a word during the gathering. He, in fact, criticized the gathering later.
Sadaf, on the other hand, spoke many things that were critical of how the police have been investigating Najeeb Ahmed’s case.
Junaid’s father, in a video interaction with Out Of Frustration said, “I didn’t like it at Jantar Mantar. I felt bad. They were playing politics and speaking against the government.”“How can they get me justice?” he asked and added, “it is either god or government that can bring us Justice. We are happy with the Police administration. They are doing a great job…already 4 out of 5 accused have been arrested.”
Najeeb’s sister, however, used the platform provided, on July 2, to strongly criticize the police administration for intentionally misleading the investigation. 
She said, “it was because we are Muslims all this is happening. The police didn’t even allow us to write down in the FIR, names of those who could be involved in the case. The police are even dictating us what to and what not to include in the FIR.” Having said all that, she even included that Najeeb mother had overheard a policeman saying, “Don’t worry we made sure their names were not included in the FIR.”
The Road to Justice
Although, both families have chosen opposite paths; what, the both families demand is justice. Certainly, Junaid will never return to his family. Najeeb’s family is asking for any sort of information about beloved’s whereabouts.
The only hope both families have from the government is that of Justice.