When The Telegraph Headlined It!

Most of us are not only acquainted with the attrocities on minorities in India but have even accepted it as an everyday event. Lately, after certain BJP leaders and ministers extended their support in banning of cow slaughter as per law, the world witnessed lynching of individuals belonging to minority community in the name of cow protection. Several journalists have reported that the wrenching incidents of mob lynching increased with the BJP striding into power in the 2014 Lok Sabha Election.

The day Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke against mob lynching and warned that killings in the name of cow protection won’t be tolerated, a man, in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh, was beaten to death by a mob on suspicion that he was carrying beef in his vehicle. Here’s how The Telegraph reported the news, making its front page historic in times when the feeling among journalists is that free Press is being suppressed.